Managing multiple tasks and responsibilities throughout your workday can already be quite stressful and we understand that it’s even more difficult when you have ADHD. HRMatrix is here to discuss the tips you need to remain productive in a manner that is tailored to your method of functionality. With ADHD it can be difficult to focus, manage time, and complete goals. That is why we are here to go over different approaches to help you consistently succeed. Our set of goals acknowledges how you function, making it easier to achieve multiple tasks and hone in on work-related responsibilities without exhausting yourself. ADHD can make you prone to burnout but with this set of tips, you can mitigate exhaustion and finish your workday successfully.

Write Down your Goals

The first thing you should do is prep. That way, you know what you are about to face in regard to time-sensitive tasks and responsibilities. Take time the night before or in the morning to be mindful of the tasks you have to complete and it’s even more beneficial if you write down your goals. This will be something you can refer to from time to time- especially if you feel off track. When you get distracted, you are able to look at your written down list of goals and remind yourself which ones you need to complete first. If you write them down in an order that lists the most crucial goals, it will help you stay productive. 

Make Time for Interruptions

To combat ADHD, you have to accept the behaviors as opposed to completely pushing them away. This will help you avoid a build-up. Let’s say you only ever disregard ADHD-related tendencies and let them build to a point where you can only indulge in distractions; this will cause noticeable regression and hinder you from being productive. That is why you should set aside time for interruptions (essentially you are acknowledging that you are susceptible to distractions but you are handling them productively). If you need to listen to voicemails or read emails but can’t give time to them currently, set aside a certain time.

Reward Yourself

Lastly, you must reward yourself as this can help you maintain a balance and bode well for your mental health. Overloading yourself with goals, tasks, and responsibilities can be too much for anyone. It is important that you reward yourself with a break!