How To Teach Your Employees to be More Independent


A good leader creates more leaders. It is important to implement this mindset within the workplace so that your employees are able to thrive on their own successfully. While it is equally as critical for employees to be comfortable with management in order to communicate significant information and acquire necessary guidance, too much of anything is indeed unproductive and potentially regressive. 


To circumnavigate regression within the workplace, you must establish an appropriate level of independence among your employees so that they are able to assess tasks and learn solutions without excessive guidance. What HRMatrix is suggesting you implement is balance essentially. 


Balance bodes well for any situation and especially in a company. When the department functions, reliability is expected and reliance is enabled. Each department trusts that they able to depend on another department to complete the process of a specific task. It’s like driving. When you are on the road, you trust drivers and drivers trust you to abide by the rules of the road and commute safely. The objective in a workplace relies on collaboration and independent progress. 


Teaching your employees to complete their job on their own is not a simple task if you are managing an environment that is highly codependent. It is an arduous process given that the departments and individual employees are pushing and executing tasks for one another. It’s hard to keep track of priorities and the completion of priorities. 


It’s is critical that you catch this chaos immediately and implement order within your workplace. The first thing you should do is host a meeting to prepare your employees as there will be a fundamental change in the workplace. 

The next step is to weed out the employees that are excessively codependent. It might be hard to do this because sometimes a department is viewed as a whole effort instead of compartmentalizing efforts. Take the time to figure out which of your employees need help. Help is the keyword here


When an employee is lacking quality, it is your responsibility to guide and offer them opportunities to strengthen their skills. Providing your employees classes is a great way to improve independent productivity. 


Another method to employ is one-on-one meetings. In this scenario, you are to express your expectations and understand where they are coming from. Underrating an employee’s reason why they are lacking productivity can help you navigate what to do next!


Holding consistent meetings will further solidify your initiative and your employees with comprehend that this change is highly insisted. If an employee refuses to cooperate they must be reminded that there is a standard applied at the workplace, and if it is not met on an overall basis, then the discussion of termination must take place