How to Improve Social Skills at Work or in the Workplace

Often it is misconstrued that the key to success in the workplace is only through the consistency of productivity; however, we overlook the many values that communication skills offer, rendering most workers reticent and even energy-drained. HRMatrix endorses healthy, how to improve social skills at work, functional workplaces that maintain a light and progressive atmosphere. Treating employees like drones is not our style, rather our goal is to enforce humanistic values because we are people, and people functionally rely on their natural skills in order to thrive in different environments. 

Since social skills can include a mix of different skill sets, it can be crucial to enhance these areas, especially in the workplace. For example, using productive communication skills is critical in careers that require consistent and reoccurring contact with clients and customers. This basically characterizes most career industries. Even if your job is not particularly a customer-facing position, you likely need to communicate with your team, supervisors, and other staff in order to do your job accurately. 

We have whims, energy variations, interests. We are individuals, and it is important to acknowledge who we are before we worry about what we do. To override the functional necessities actually hinders success rates in the workplace. So let’s begin here:

We Are Social Creatures: 

We rely on communication to increase productivity, connect, and mitigate situations. Without our communication skills, the workplace will devolve into fragments, unwilling to strengthen. Remember, teamwork is fundamental in order for a business to thrive. Each department supports the next.

Now, since we are focusing on improving social skills, we want to establish that this process is not only catered to extroverts. While extroverts often do better projecting their thoughts and conversing, these tips also regard introverts. We know introverts have specific social preferences, but that does not mean that they are socially inept nor does it mean that they completely abstain from socializing. 


Seek out different opportunities to further conversations with coworkers or maybe try to practice your conversation skills by asking open-ended questions. This will put you in a position where you have to improvise conversation. Otherwise, set a small goal for yourself to provide at least one project or business strategy at your next meeting.

Start small 

Begin by developing your social skills in little ways. Engaging with coworkers you interact with on a daily basis is a great way to start your journey on improving your social skills. Make small talk when you are out. When someone asks you how you are doing, instead of replying with a one-word answer, talk lightheartedly about the why-factor. You can find ways to stretch out conversations with acquaintances or practice your conversation skills with long-distance friends.

Observe your coworkers

Another helpful step toward developing your communication skills is to observe your colleagues. Take note of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is essentially body language (such as smiling and nodding). Note the vocabulary they use to get a conversation started. Then try to apply what makes your coworkers’ social skills effective and engaging.

Maintain eye contact

Practice maintaining eye contact during conversations. It’s typically hard, but try not to focus on anything else but the point of the conversation. Allow yourself to be engaged. Clear your mind and just listen- it makes eye contact so much easier. Set a goal to make and hold eye contact for at least three to five seconds each time you engage with someone. Feel free to practice with people to who you are close to!


HRMatrix is here to enhance your skills so that you and your business thrive without any limitations. We provide a service that pertains to your needs and we make sure that your energy and abilities are in check. Try these tips out to begin your journey on developing successful social skills!