Inclusion in the Workplace

Inclusion is a very important factor in a workplace and when it is neglected, the workplace productivity and positive atmosphere dramatically decrease. When businesses and their management fails to recognize diversity lacking, employees realize they are treated with a willed indifference. They will soon begin to understand that their identity has no relevance in the workplace. HRMatrix advocates inclusion as we make it a point to acknowledge differences and to promote this practice we like to provide you tips on how to improve the workplace culture.

Inclusion has many benefits. When employees feel included and welcomed, their subsequent behavior influences their performance. When employees feel good, when they look forward to their job, their efforts are genuine. The consistency of motivation, determination, and overall strive changes as you implement more practices of inclusion. 

While we will provide you tips, understand that inclusion comes from a place of sincerity. Your intentions must be transparent and your intentions should derive from a place of equality. You should want to see your employees thrive and you should want a healthy environment for your employees to thrive in. As we previously discussed, newer generations (primarily Generation Z)  look for jobs that implement respect for people’s differences. 

Inclusion is not limited to race and culture. Inclusion in the workplace accommodates:

  • Sexual orientation 

  • Religion

  • Age

  • Preferred pronouns 

  • Physical conditions

  • Mental disabilities.

 It is important to recognize that each person is different and that there is no such thing as “normal”. It is only a social construct used to control environments. A workplace can indeed be professional and remain within respectful boundaries while also recognizing people’s differences.

When management neglects an employee's identity, the employee is essentially absent from the workplace and the expectations to perform are not met with the same sincerity and vigor. It is critical that we celebrate differences and accommodate traits that take part of one’s personal image. Recognition should not be considered a practice that is superficial and out-of-bounds in the workplace. It is not an additional benefit, it is rather a fundamental cornerstone of the workplace’s functionality and should not be perceived any other way. It is absolutely necessary for a company or business to practice inclusivity. 

If the format is not communicated to other departments of your business, then make it your responsibility to educate your leaders. Inform them about inclusion and how it is a pillar in the workplace and it is a priority. Push for diversity and remind your colleagues that employee retainment depends on it. Diversity represents many things, so it is important to not go looking for a specific “type” of diversity just to complete this goal. Neither should the goal be to avoid the “normal” candidate. It’s about focusing on the traits and benefits each candidate harbors, not the color of their skin or their pronouns. You will find that headhunting for a certain position will be made significantly easier when you are not looking for superficial features in order to establish diversity.