An all inclusive workplace accommodates for the common introvert too. That’s why HRMatrix provides equity in opportunity and progression for introverted employees. In order to excel within and for their company, HRMatrix advises preparation. It is encouraged to have an open mind to absorb company-based functionality and communicate with honesty about how you comfortably perform. 

Being an introvert is not an act of intransigence; it is not a trait to be ashamed of. One must rather embrace their introvertedness to establish proactive measures to remain at level with the rest of their colleagues. 

What do We Mean Preparation?

Preparation is a key element to manage unforeseeable hindrances, proactive work ethic, and the efficient conduction of your day-to-day labor. It is essentially the comprehension and even the study of what your business related schedule is composed of in order to execute salient duties. 

So, in compensation of team efforts which often compromise the classic introvert’s comfort zone, one must simply prepare. 

Effective Time Investment

Organize your schedule to thoroughly understand the expectations of your company. Put in one-on-one time with your superiors to develop a healthy and mutual understanding of what is expected in terms of recognition on your end and company-appropriate productivity for you to reciprocate. Introverted employees prefer premeditated discussions. Practice important discussions and promptly acquaint yourself with the subject of that discussion to help resolve social discomfort or anxiety.

Communicate Ahead of Time

Communication prior to a conference/meeting or a populated event is a prime example of preparation. Basing a business-related relationship on understanding prevents your own assumptions of judgement unto you while also building respectful, healthy connections. To communicate is to liberate. Once you inform your colleagues of your introverted trait, you essentially eradicate the anxiety of assuming one’s negative idea of you- which is something most employees, introverted or extroverted, instinctively entertain. Honesty goes a long way.

Acquire Methods of Anxiety Relief

Introverts commonly become uncomfortable in spontaneous and unexpected social situations. Let’s say you cannot opt out of the discussion or are expected to supply the discussion with your input. Simply adhere to a routine of controlled breathing, thoughts of positive reassurance, and focus so that you may provide condensed, but efficient remarks. 

Be a Good Listener

To observe and listen to your fellow colleagues and your superiors is a notable asset in the workplace as it provides direction when conducting self-sufficient labor. Good listeners perform with accuracy, because they record salient information. This will allow you to independently excel as the introvert you are. To be a good listener is also an excellent form of preparation. 

HRMatrix wants you to do better and be better within your healthy and comprehended circumstances. Being an introvert does not comprise optimal progress. HRMatrix is here to provide strategy and reassurance to refine your performance under a supportive supportive balancing. Remember to invest your time productively, communicate ahead of time, listen and keep thoughts of self affirmation accessible.