Major HR Issues

Human resources is a fundamental cornerstone of any business as it handles the functions, dynamics, and interpersonal challenges of the workplace. HR focuses on the employee’s productivity and overall well-being to ensure that company expectations are met so long as it is not at the cost of an employee. Human resources have tackled many challenges and are constantly in the process of innovation as corporate culture and business approaches renew themselves every few years or so. 

HRMatrix recognizes the effort applied through HR and we are here to connect by providing the most common issues presented within the locality of HR. There is a myriad of challenges HR faces but the most prominent ones that we want to discuss often decrease productivity in the workplace drastically. 

Major HR Issues:

  1. Recruiting Best Talent

  2. Employee Retention

  3. Workplace Diversity

Recruiting The Best Talent

Recruiting the best talent is very important in the workplace. The functionality and the general success of a workplace depend on the strengths of each department. If a department lacks quality talent, then the execution of each task lacks quality, decreasing the overall productivity of the business. This is HR's responsibility. The company relies on human resources to scout the best talent there is. Here are some tips to help you recruit. 

  • Search for relevant skills

  • Focus on the amount of experience

  • Beyond their experience, does their work ethic and mindset coincide with the workplace?

  • Understand your needs. Know your must-haves from your nice-to-haves.

  • Write a job description that entails the strengths you are looking for.

  • Build your talent pipeline. 

  • Conduct interviews on the basis of connecting.

  • Manage talent relationships.

  • Measure their success.

  • Provide a positive candidate experience.


Employee Retention


After recruiting top talent, the next priority is to maintain employee retention. The subsequent step is actually a major challenge for HR as each employee enters the workplace with different strengths, and more importantly, different weaknesses. Being on top of that is highly important because an employee is an individual, a person. Treating them as such allows success to ensue. 


Workplace Diversity

Honoring workplace diversity is actually the top priority for a company or business because we are barreling towards new approaches and new dynamics in the workplace that require acceptance. It is highly critical for businesses to keep up with this standard because diversity is a matter of recognition. Being inclusive allows businesses to experience the better talent and better skill sets. Ostensibly, when limitations are set, talent is also limited.  



Human resources is met with a lot of responsibilities and equal to that are its challenges. HRMatrix strives for your businesses’ success by introducing updated and accurate information to help alleviate the mode of operation. Maneuvering through complex business and company standards is hard while also managing employee needs but HRMatrix is here to provide you with simple and easy steps to help you.