Management Tips: An Updated List

Now we are not targeting a specific issue, but HRMatrix thought it would be good if we provide a refreshing set of tips to enhance your operative skills as manager. The company culture is ever evolving, so it is up to management to maintain consistent up-to-date information and execution so your team can thrive against competition. 

Being a manager is surely tough considering the myriad of communicative and assessment skills needed to handle a number of different employees. Experienced management requires the ability to shift into varying perspectives for varying departments in order to direct accordingly. It takes patience and lots of listening skills, however even with those positive management qualities, sometimes you don’t know how to use them. 

Your employees require proper guidance that comprehends emotional needs and limits of comfort. When management is austere, the expectations become less of a positive standard of growth and becomes more of a burden. Try to befriend your employees in a way, learn about them, reciprocate, and provide. Management doesn’t just mean you oversee everything and only provide a “yes or no” type of conduction.

Here are a few tips on how to apply yourself. 

  1. Create functional relationships with your employees

The ability to build positive and functional relationships with employees at all levels is considered to be a very important trait to have. This means you are reaching out beyond company levels that are not just nearest to you, and employees are bound to appreciate this sort of effort.


  1. Listen to Suggestions

You are not perfect and that is better to accept than to include heavy expectations for yourself. Sometimes even management needs help, and sometimes your employees have the potential to offer much needed guidance. To develop a give and take allows your employees to grow and it builds an honest relationship too.


  1. Communicative Effectively

Here are the seven C’s of communications:

  • Clear

  • Conside

  • Concrete

  • Correct

  • Coherent

  • Complete

  • Courteous


  1. Problem Solve Together

Managing different groups becomes increasingly significant when handling major projects, because the expectations and workload are dramatically higher. Involve departmental opinion, because you cannot always offer your expertise as you provide undivided attention to the most relevant facets of new projects. Let them help you!



This set of tips are really about management AND employees. It’s about building a relationship with each department so that the company can tackle bigger projects without being unnecessarily burdened by workplace responsibilities. HRMatrix believes the future lies in honest, healthy and interpersonal relationships to succeed wholeheartedly.