Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Mental health and wellness are the unsung source of an employee’s productivity/efficiency so long as it is looked after and maintained.  Mental wellness was seldom regarded as a priority, but as we venture into a world of modern assessment, we find that the values of a fulfilling life are now incorporated into one’s professional realm because the enhancement of a professional environment motivates business-related production. 

To disregard one’s mental health actuates a dissension of quality of labor. HRMatrix recommends mindfulness and proactive steps to support you. You come first as a person, then a professional. 

Confronting the Problem

It is imperative that your mental health is properly assessed. That way, you are able to aid the situational circumstances accordingly without missing a beat. Confrontation requires courage, but HRMatrix is here to assure you that your wellness is a priority, and we are here to support you in the journey of healing and discovery. 


  • Try taking time for yourself. Soul searching is often pursued to unearth the mental obstructions that prevent you from excelling. Therapy or counseling allows one to exhale their stresses, for many people, this is a popular and efficient method. Confrontation does not have to be aggressive; it does not have to scare you or threaten your comfort. 
  • The practice of a proactive routine replenishes the common case of seasonal depression, lack of dopamine, or deprivation of serotonin. Though depression is a clinical matter and should be comprehended and combatted as a serious, emotional disorder, minor cases of low moods can be aided through healthy habits.
  • Maintain a nutritional diet, ensure a thorough amount of physical activity, offer yourself positive assurance for your efforts, and reward yourself. 
  • Exercise, therapy, and a proper diet increase the production of serotonin. What about dopamine? To boost your levels of dopamine, we recommend a full night of rest, activity in the sun, and meditation. Breaks appropriate to your work schedule are crucial to the increase of serotonin and dopamine if utilized wisely. 

What Can You Do for Yourself In the Workplace?

Communicate with management and/or your superiors where you are mentally. This way, you can build a better relationship that is based on understanding within your workplace, providing yourself a healthier environment. You may not necessarily have to discuss your personal adversity, but the subject of mental health is encouraged even amongst your coworkers. 


Normalizing the priority of mental wellness is the goal, and HRMatrix is here to support it to its fullest. Remember: Assess yourself, treat yourself with kindness, practice healthy routines, and communicate.