New HR Strategies


Human resources have played an important role in each business. It is important to acknowledge that it is a growing department that caters to the updated needs of the workplace and its employees. Here are some new HR methods to help your business remain up to date with companies and their progress.


These methods are presented in the light of productivity as it represents a diverse set of needs that were most likely overlooked in previous business cultures. Remember that the human resources department strives to protect a company by keeping its employees and operations within the safe bounds of regulations. The goal for HR is to maximize productivity. HR responsibilities include compensation and benefits, recruitment, firing, and keeping up to date with any laws that may affect the company and its employees.


1. Selective hiring

Today’s marketplace for candidates is quite competitive, with many companies competing to retain the most talented potential employees. In order to hire the best talent, your business needs a recruitment process that gains the attention of the targeted candidates. It is critical that managers create comprehensive job descriptions to allow candidates to accurately gauge the responsibility of the job they are applying for.

Selective hiring helps you recruit the candidates that are best suited to your expectations and workplace functionality. Selective hiring then reduces the probability of employees quitting and which then decreases the staff turnover, improving business morale and productivity.

2. Self-managed teams

A majority of current management planning hones in on ridding a business of the traditional hierarchical structure of managers, department heads, and employees and replacing it with self-managed departments. Meaning, no individual has complete responsibility for a team’s performance. Rather, employees and managers work to achieve a common goal together. Everyone takes turns leading projects based on their expertise and experience. Self-managed teams encourage the people in the workplace to be accountable and be responsible for the overall success by giving them the independence to perform. 

3. Effective training

Hiring the targeted talent should be a highly important portion of your HR method, but that is only a piece of the function. In order to keep your workers in the now with the most recent progress in their field, you must consistently improve their strengths and skills, and keep them engaged in their roles. It's very important that you provide them with opportunities to learn on an ongoing basis.

Training can be hands-on or it could be a matter of verbal elaboration, either way, the goal is for your employee to integrate their mindset with the functionality of the company so that they are able to transition smoothly and thrive. You want the employee to feel comfortable as if they fit the position. 


The HR department is always evolving to create an efficient environment that caters to a diverse range of needs. HRMatrix focuses on the individual and the whole to understand the weaknesses and provide reasonable advice in hope of progressing and growing. We want your business to be ahead of the curve, so allow us to guide you with these 3 fundamental tips.