Confronting the aftermath of COVID-19 in the workplace will be a disorienting challenge. We have become accustomed to the circumstantial conveniences that our quarantine workplace provides such as conducting business-related affairs in the comfort of your own home, flexibility in your Monday through Friday schedule, and an increase in the accessibility of your resources to help ease stress. The rigid transition may seem arduous, unachievable even if on the basis of a short notice (which is possible in your situation,) but HRMatrix is here to guide. Let’s get to our preparations!

The Adjustment Period

We’ve all heard of it; “the adjustment period”. It’s dreaded, it’s happened to all of us, and it’s probably happening to some of you in your workplace. Here are some tips to bypass the trouble of this significant transition. 

Remember: Safety Precaution

Your health is our top priority, make it yours too. Communicate your caution, because chances are, the workplace may not be as safe as anticipated. Ensuring cleanliness and proper hygiene is everyone’s responsibility in a shared workplace. Maintain your six feet distance, always have your mask on firmly, and frequently apply your sanitizer. Setting this sort of impression will also influence your colleagues to follow the same set of precautions. 

More Tips:

  • Sanitize your surfaces. This would include your keyboard, desk, and tables. 

  • Sanitize your hands after touching publicly shared items.

  • Communication is key. Try suggesting virtual conferences, since it is still unsafe to be in smaller rooms of two or more people. 

  • Study HR policies to communicate to your employees that way everyone is on board with the safety regulations of your specific workplace. 

  • Reconsider your seating arrangement so that you are at a safe distance with your colleagues or suggest partitions

Moving past the safety precautions, the adjustment period also emphasizes the jarring transition to your new rigid schedules that took already a while to not get used to. Since we’re going back to this, HRMatrix advises healthy preparations to combat potential fatigue which can lead to unproductive days and disoriented performances.  That way, you may be able to excel with your tasks and work-related requirements without exhausting your mental energy/health. It is imperative to HRMatrix that you are at your full potential before returning to work. 

Preparing Yourself for the Workplace

Ask your superiors what is expected of you so that you may organize and prepare your responsibilities without the burden of rushing. That way, you have more available time to adjust to your returning schedule. Taper yourself from the frequent breaks. Going cold turkey will affect your productivity when you return to work, try starting now so you are accustomed to the amount of break time you received originally. 


It’s tough, but it’s certainly doable. Remember with confidence that you are able to make the transition so long as you prioritize your health and prepare yourself for the return of your original schedule.