HRMatrix recognizes the tedious process of adjusting to the online workspace and is here to advise you of strategies to be productive under healthy and happy circumstances. 

Online conferences is a key and recurring factor while in the midst of COVID-19 as most of us are quarantined. For some it is a demanding responsibility in which one must manage the accuracy of information to provide at such meetings. Online conferences also disturb one’s focus due to the common disruptions an internet service provides such as glitching, poor connection, etc. Not only that, the inability or hindrance of developing earnest relationships with your colleagues, which can be achieved better in the physical workplace, is another reason why this issue is quite significant. 

Let’s begin with simple “warm-up” strategies to help regulate your comfort. 

Conference Preparation is Fundamental!

1- Prepare your Notes:

Take notes prior to the conference to thoroughly comprehend the subject and key points. This will allow you to participate in the meetings and deliver appropriate information. This is your primary method to benefit your professional image. Your superiors will admire the effort and efficiency, allowing you to move-up in the workplace. 

2- Keep your Notes:

Even keep a list of notes next to you while in the meeting. It’s hard to remember every point! Either leave your notepad at the side of your keyboard or prop it up against your monitor so that only you will be able to review your notes without harboring attention.

3- Practice your Mindset:

If an important meeting is around the corner, set yourself aside on your own time, and practice what you will be discussing. The mode you will accustom yourself to will imbue confidence. The transition to an online platform can potentially compromise an employee’s confidence; this is one positive way to develop it. 

Review the Benefits of Online Conferences

Gratitude is a healthy and powerful method to help one succeed under their personal circumstances/environment. Remember, your health and wellbeing come first. Through online conferences you are preventing yourself from contracting COVID-19 while the vaccine isn’t available to just everyone yet.  You are also saving money! The fees for attending out-of-town conferences add up; this way you’ll be saving and participating at the comfort of your own, private workplace. 

More Tips

  • One natural drawback to online conferences is the inability to make a personal connection with your colleagues. Sometimes one must be forward. Respectfully request their email after the discussion is closed. Lastly, communicate your professional intent.

  • Make note of your conference experience. If you fell short, if your performance was not up to your desired standards, make note of it! Review and refine until you are ready for your next conference to make a lasting impression.


HRMatrix is here to guide you to reach your highest potential and even help you with the smallest of details of your work performance. Online conferences made easier with the methods or preparation and mindfulness.