Talent Recognition

Talent recognition goes a long way. It is important to remind your employees that their performances, productivity, and results have met or exceeded expectations. HRMatrix is here to provide you tips on how to spread recognition as it is a source of morale and encouragement. To remind employees of your gratitude and of their success creates a shift in the energy of the workplace atmosphere. 

You are taking the initiative to send positivity and that positivity is bound to be returned because there is a karmic value involved in recognition. When you acknowledge the efforts of your employees, it reinforced their workplace behavior and operation. This helps them understand that their efforts are on the right track and it essentially motivates them to further improve and even just maintain the consistency of their fantastic productivity. 

There is also a feel-good reward when sharing recognition too because being in a position of management is hard. It puts you in a place where you have to be direct and you have to determine or decipher the worth of certain talent retention. This option is not casually at your disposal, and we understand that as a manager, there is great responsibility when managing. When you enforce positive recognition in the workplace, it alleviates that tension, because your employees are grateful that you respond in accordance to the genuine effort. 

Let’s begin with some basic tips on how to enforce recognition because it’s more than just words or a “pat on the back”. 


Some of your employees, and hopefully all, are working very hard to provide successful results. Make sure to appreciate their time and hard work by offering bonuses. It is clear that some employees work for a paycheck, but others go above and beyond the company standard. They should be recognized through the reward of a bonus. 

Written or Verbal Praise

This is a more obvious option, but it does help! Have you heard, “if you don’t have anything to offer, just smile”? This can be applied in the workplace as well. Written is a more sincere form of recognition because it implies that you took the time out of your day and expressed gratitude for an employee’s hard work. Of course, the verbal form of appreciation is almost equivalent to a smile in that stated instance. It definitely helps the employee understand that their performance is on track, and they are noted for it. It helps build a healthy relationship with their job too. 

Quarterly Reviews

Though this is a verbal and written act of recognition, quarterly reviews are far more important as they are conducted in a professional setting. It is a thorough review rather than a lighthearted comment about an employee's work performance. So be sure to be specific and honor the responsibility of quarterly reviews. 


HRMatrix wants to build a healthy and functioning environment so that employees and management can thrive together. We want to enforce performance that is fulfilling and beneficial to the company or business. Recognition enforces positive behavior and encouragement. The influence of positive recognition is often successful as it motivates the employees to work harder and maintain consistency in regard to their productivity.