HRMatrix is here to guide you after the recruitment process to train your employees. We strive for a productive environment and the best way to achieve that is by hitting the ground running, right? You want your employees to begin with a maximized performance. We have provided you with tips and tricks on how to continue office morale and motivation in our previous articles. Let’s now discuss the beginning as it is the most significant process. When you train your employees, you are subliminally setting standards and expectations. So long as they are within reasonable bounds, your employees are bound to perform accordingly to your expectations. 

Define Responsibilities

Firstly, you will need to define the responsibilities so that employees get a better understanding of what their job entails. Usually, in an interview, the employee will get a vague concept of what the job entails and they will not know how to properly execute tasks and responsibilities. Use this valuable time in training to Define responsibilities with accuracy. Make sure that employees are able to keep up with the expectations that you are laying out, otherwise, they will not be able to properly execute the tasks that you are defining during the training process. 

Identify Training Needs

Once you have defined the responsibilities of a certain job to the employee you will need to identify the employee's skill set to identify what day should specifically work on and strengthen. Some employees do not have all of the qualities and skills that are required for the job but they do have the compensating amount of strengths that make them the perfect candidate. Regardless of what position they are in terms of experience, you will need to take the time to properly understand where each employee is in terms of capability. 


Then, you should demonstrate the responsibilities that the employee cannot thoroughly understand just by describing them. Demonstrations help employees memorize the steps and process each task requires. This will help them perform optimal level. HR Matrix strives to implement a productive workplace to ensure that your company's business is ahead of the curb, therefore we are providing you tips that will help you achieve that sooner rather than later. That means demonstration is integral to the training process. 

Listen to Feedback

Lastly, you should be listening to feedback from your employees to make sure that they are on the same page as you. You don't want to rush through the training process, leaving them behind to collect a nominal amount of notes and tips as this will prevent them from an optimal performance.