Incorporating trust into the workplace is one of the most beneficial things you can do as it is a rewarding dynamic between management and employee. Trust essentially puts everyone on the same page and on the same level making it easier to communicate and progress. HRMatrix is here to tell you why incorporating trust in the workplace is beneficial. While this might be an obvious trait to mention and discuss it is something that most workplaces lack because everyone is trying to express their Best features and qualities without being honest about their weaknesses. 

Here are tips on how to increase truthfulness within the workplace to develop real, honest dynamics that are rewarding in return. 

Build a Relationship 

Building a relationship with your employees is a fundamental approach one must have in order to incorporate truthfulness in a thorough manner. A relationship introduces commonalities and comfort between two parties making it easier to communicate. When employees build a healthy relationship with management they are inclined to express their needs in order to progress and do better for the company/business. To establish a healthy successful relationship with your employees you must announce your intent with sincerity and then individually understand each employee to validate who they are as a person not just as an employee.  

Penalize Dishonesty

While this may be a tricky process because dishonesty can range, you must acquire a level of insightfulness that does not necessarily generally apply, rather you should understand your employees as the individuals they are in order to direct them in a fashion that is productive. Penalizing does not have to reach a severe extent, sometimes a penalty could be a strong, stern conversation that is composed of principle and morality. Boundaries need to be set within this conversation so the employee understands that you are communicating a serious warning essentially. 

Encourage Transparency 

Encouraging transparency allows employees to be open about their weaknesses. Weaknesses are often hidden and lied about to offer a productive, optimal impression. Encouraging transparency implies that you are open to a variety of strengths and can accept when some employees need help. This is a very healthy dynamic establishment in the workplace because employees will no longer feel the need to shy away from what needs to be worked on currently. There are many different ways to encourage transparency you can do it in a one-on-one conversation with your employees or generally announce it in meetings or at the workplace. What he should really be focusing on is how you carry yourself as people fall actions instead of words. Be understanding, be accepting and your employees will soon recognize your effort and encourage genuine transparency.