What it Means to be a Genuine Colleague

The productivity of a workplace is indeed a top priority, but in order for a company to succeed, the employees must be in a healthy, happy mindset. Employees must be able to come into work with the right amount of enthusiasm, and the best way to hinder that enthusiasm is through poor workplace relationships. Poor workplace relationships influence employee retainment as there are many scenarios in which employees pressure, argue, or project negativity unto others. 

HRMatrix makes it a known effort to keep your mental health intact and strives to prevent any negative influence that may cause discomfort at the workplace. We discussed earlier how to achieve resolution in the place of conflict, but let’s also discuss how we can raise healthier relationships in the first place. Let’s prevent, let’s bring a better atmosphere to inspire ourselves and nourish ourselves with much needed camaraderie. 

In order to be a genuine colleague, you must expect yourself to do better than expecting the same from anybody else. You deserve to be understood when you are down, share that benefit with your coworkers too! Mindfulness is everything. Be mindful of your behavior, attitude and energy. 

Does it emanate positivity? Do you have a habit of ineffectively commenting on the  matters that bother you? We are not advising you to settle your feelings with yourself. When a real matter that influences your mental health for the worse arises, make note of that and speak up for yourself! What is targeted here is excessive complaining. It is a well known fact that the energy you express is the energy your peers retain. 

Ask yourself what you can do better? A simple smile is a great step. Initiating affirming conversations with your colleagues is another great method to enforce a healthy relationship with a colleague. Remember that the gratification you strive to achieve and the journey in doing so is fulfilling, and kindness reflects! Kindness returns back to the sender, and it influences the course of your mental health that day. We are social creatures even if some of us are introverted.

Here are some tips on how to create better relationships in the workplace:

  • Take interest in a colleague

    • What does their department do?

    • What are their interests?

  • Share yourself

    • What do you do after work?

    • What are your hobbies?

    • What are your goals?

  • Affirmation

    • Compliment their efforts

    • Note their positive traits

  • Find Interests You Both Share

    • You might like the same sports team

    • You might share the same artistic interests

    • Your colleague might be a foodie like you


The first step is an effort, but that effort is returned. Remember that people appreciate delightfulness and will respond in a similar nature, but how can it happen if nobody tries? Being a genuine colleague influences the atmosphere of the workplace and adds color to life!