What Stops You from Working Harder?


This question isn’t to put you down, HRMatrix wants you to get to know yourself. We want to uplift you! And we are in the business of promoting mental wellness so that you can achieve beyond foundational satisfaction within the workplace. Here are a provided list of preventatives that serve as labor obstructions. A majority of employees are identified and divided into these problematic sects, and it firstly takes recognition to pull yourself out of this rut.

  • I don’t want to do this

    • Lack of interest

    • Personal interruptions 

  • I can’t do this

    • Lack of information

    • Personal insecurity

There is an external vision of an issue and there is also an internal force that is driving the issue. Sometimes you have a randomized set of both that comprises your motivation, and it might be more difficult to harvest your enthusiasm, but it begins with patience. Let’s have a better look at what motivation is. 

We are acquainted with it commercially, and motivation, in this age, exists to gain some sort of superficial benefit as opposed to fulfilment. While monetary goals and job-related objectives are all very important as they plug into our identities, it cannot take precedence if your sense of fulfilment is compromised- even if you tried! Which is why most employees lose their passion.

Motivation is your source of fuel that is composed of willingness and excitement. It houses happiness with yourself, happiness with your job, with your goals, and with the execution of your goals. Motivation stands in the face of procrastination and distractions. It’s not easy to be motivated consistently, because when is life consistent, right? 

Let’s begin with the listed aversions.

I Don’t Want to Do This

So you're in one of those situations where no matter what, the objective of your job is not promising. You may not even want to get out of bed for this! It seems as though your tasks are not aligned with your values. A good way to get yourself in the mood to work and work hard is by relating your goals to the goals installed in the idea of your purpose. What is your ultimate goal of existence? Do you care to bring change? Is your aim a benevolent one? Do you want to introduce innovation? Then ask yourself how this job serves as a vessel as you serve it. 

Sometimes your company doesn’t directly pertain to this process of connection, and that’s okay. Take the narrative of your job and apply the workplace lifestyle to your identity. That means that discipline needed for quality performance can and will enhance your character so that you may contribute to your personal goals. 

We are not robots, and we should not be droning on. The business world can be a hive mind, but let’s break that ozone by making real connections with our colleagues and superiors. This will help you work harder as there is an instinct of care involved in the quality of your work. The work we do and how we choose to do it helps build the identity you are striving for. 


I Can’t Do This

Here we are tackling the personal institution of the absence of motivation. To acquire momentum begins from within, and it doesn’t have to manifest spirituality unless that’s your thing. We want you to conquer self-recognition since it is fundamentally sential to your workplace habits and patterns! 

Sometimes you are struck with insecurity. The phrase, “I can’t do this,” has a lot to do with how you view your abilities. Self-esteem and confidence issues sometimes require therapy, and other times can be restored with:

  • Repetition of positive affirmations

  • The constant practice to strengthen weakness

  • Communication

Positive affirmations require self-speculations. What are you good at? Can you facilitate work efficiently? Are you punctual? Are you a competitive force? What do you bring to the table? This will help you realize that you are not only your weaknesses and just like how you built your strengths, you can do the same with your weaknesses. 

Schedule evaluations to earn a transparent picture of which work-related areas you are lacking in. In addition, management will note your efforts to make yourself better.

Practice! Make time to sharpen your necessary skill set and see if you’ve improved on a weekly basis. Get yourself in front of tutorials and have the courage to ask questions, because again, your enthusiasm will be appreciated anyway. These efforts also bleed into our last tip which is: communication.



You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You are here, reading this because you care about the value of your productivity. That says enough! HRMatrix desires a future in which you are more than satisfied with yourself while bringing you and your business to prominent pinnacles of success.